Year 8 Use Yakit Kids to Research Georgia O’ Keeffe

Year 8 have been using Pic Collage, Yakit Kids and iMovie on their iPads to further research into the life and works of Georgia O’ Keeffe.

This video is by Safia and ….

This video is by Lima and …

Katie, Charleigh, Emily and Mabel


19 thoughts on “Year 8 Use Yakit Kids to Research Georgia O’ Keeffe

  1. Making the video was fun and they all are very informative . Learning about Georgia O’Keeffe has been really interesting, I think that she was an excellent artist.

  2. I really like how Liam’s group had the creative idea of putting photos around Georgia O’Keefe.

  3. I like how in Safia & Co’s video how she displays some of Georgia O’Keeffe’s work after each clip, and also the idea of using a picture of some text and talking over it. I think it’s very factual as well.

  4. These are some very good pieces of work and I have learnt lots of information about Georgia O’ Keeffe and maybe this will help me and my group to improve ours.

  5. I really like how Safia’s group put pictures in between the information as it gave a broader idea of what Georia O’Keeffe painted.

  6. These videos are really good and I really enjoyed learning about Georgia O’keeffe and her paintings.

  7. I love how even though some of the information is the same, everyone’s is different in a way. Also they are all very interesting to watch.

  8. I liked learning about Georgia O’keeffe, as it was extremely interesting . I liked how Safia inserted pictures into our video .

  9. I really like how Safias group has used information and has music playing in the background. I really like how Limas covered a lot of facts that I would want to know.

  10. All of the videos have been composed in different ways so it’s interesting to see how they vary in style.

  11. I really enjoyed learning about the life of Georgia O’Keeffe and her childhood. I think the Yakit Kids presentations were extremely good and like how each group had presented the information differently to keep it interesting.

  12. I really enjoyed how both videos incorporated a large variety of facts which made me learn a lot about Georgia O’Keeffe, and I really enjoyed how the video was structured in Safia’s video with the music and the picture transitions, also showing me her pieces of artwork!

  13. I liked how Safia displayed the pictures after every comment. It showed a variety of different paintings and how she expressed them. The information was clear and complimented the work.

  14. I really enjoyed making these and they have definitely helped me in learning facts about Georgia O’Keeffe. I like how Safias group added more facts at the end with text and a voice over.

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