Lecture at the SUMAN Centre about Teaching Art & Design in England

It was a pleasure to be invited to speak at the SUMAN Centre in Manchester this week to 22 visiting Chinese Art Teachers. With the aid of a translator I explained the Art & Design curriculum, describing its various Key Stages and how one builds upon another, and was able to show examples of artwork for each.

I had then been asked to prepare an Art lesson for the teachers and teach it as if they were pupils. They did a selection of tasks from a Year 8 painting scheme of work. This included completing a sorting activity where they worked in groups and answered questions to help them define ‘What is Abstract Art’. They then watched and responded to a presentation on Georgia O Keeffe’s work. They moved on to practice graduating watercolour and then drawing and painting a semi-abstract painting. A fun and full day! It’s hardly surprising, as they were art teachers, that the work they produced was beautiful and pleasure to discuss in a plenary.


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