Nuala’s Art Wins Cover Competition

nuala with artwork

Year 13 pupil Nuala Fowler has had her artwork featured on the front cover of the 2016 Specialist Crafts catalogue! She has also received a voucher for £100 to spend on art supplies as a reward.

“I was really excited and quite shocked when I heard my design had been chosen. I didn’t really expect it – when you enter a competition, you don’t really expect to be a winner,” Nuala said. “The painting was part of my AS-Level. I’d seen quite a few painters who did city scenes and I was inspired by that, particularly rainy scenes. I went around Manchester at night, around my favourite places, and took photos. I tried to capture the movement of the cars to get the movement of the city. One of the artists I was inspired by was Michael John Ashcroft, who does city scenes in Manchester.”

This follows the Girls’ Division Art Department submitting pupils’ work to the Specialist Crafts Art Gallery for consideration in the 2016 Cover Competition. In addition to Nuala’s piece winning the coveted spot on the cover, work by a number of other pupils was also featured in the catalogue: Year 12 pupil Coris Craggs, Year 13 pupils Jessica Broome, Laura Hainey and Iman Orths, and recent leavers Emma Jackson and Robyn Lomas. As a result, the School received a £275 voucher as well.

Specialist Crafts were really impressed by the high standard of all the work by Girls’ Division pupils and offered their congratulations to everyone featured in the catalogue.


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