GemmaWelcome to the Bolton School (Girls Division) Art Department blog.  This blog has been set up by Mrs Crowther to celebrate achievement in the Art Department and keep you up to date with all the exciting things that are going on.  Every day the art teachers see stunning work or great creative ideas that just blow us away and we are going to share them with you, so keep coming back and please comment.

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  1. I wasn’t sure where to put this, so I thought I’d mention it here…

    Typography (basically lettering and fonts in graphic design) is so relevant to modern culture – you only need to consider how widely recognised the facebook and Google logos are to see this! I thought these might be some interesting links to look at:

    – Lucinda Ireland is a graphic designer but her work is mostly in the field of typography – http://lucindaireland.co.uk/ . I particularly love the ‘Girls Like Type Too’ print!

    – Marcus Walters – again, lots of graphic design but many typographic influences! http://www.marcuswalters.com/ . As the link shows, he has done some really nice work for the V&A museum.

    – Type Worship is really just a haven for all this sort of thing! http://typeworship.com/

    – Albin Holmqvist – http://www.albinholmqvist.com/filter/Typography – very neat, classic fonts, which you can see applied beautifully to photographs.

    – Type That I Like – http://www.typethatilike.co.uk/ – one of my favourites, just full of good design and ideas!

    I have many more links to this if you’re interested, plus some other general graphic designers whose work is inspiring.

    1. Perhaps you could create a links page all about cool fonts for me? It would be a great resource for G.C.S.E. What do you think? Mrs Crowther.

  2. For printing – this company does some lovely stuff (it’s an italian company, but you can change the language to English in the top right corner). They used to stock some of the work in a shop in the Northern Quarter in Manchester, but it’s nice just to look at and get ideas from – http://www.xilocart.it/xilography.php

    Sculpture – check out this amazing tiny artwork… http://www.flavorwire.com/279758/adorable-tiny-food-sculptures-that-fit-on-the-tip-of-your-finger?all=1

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