10 thoughts on “Yr 9 Angie Lewin Inspired Prints

  1. These prints are fab and I love her work. Are they Lino or woodblock? What inks did you use. Think you for sharing!

    1. Jan, They are lino prints and they are printed with waterbased printing inks. We do mix our own colours, so we’re not using the very primary looking colours straight from the tube. I print with girls as they are ready, so some are still cutting and hopefully you print with small groups and not the whole class. Some girls blended colours on the lino just by rolling it on and managed to achieve some very successful graduated colour. I let each pupil create 6 prints in the hope that one was fabulous – very extravagant with paper I know but when they risk messing it up when they print the black over the top worth it I think.

  2. Super. I love Angie Lewin’s work and I’ve been thinking for a while about doing a project on her. Do you start with some drawing of the plants for stimulus for the composition? How big are the prints? Thanks!

    1. Yes, I brought in some hedgerow grasses and cow parsley and things I found in the verges. (Yes I looked like an oddball scrabbling around by the side of the road) and they did observational drawing in pencil and stick and ink. They did a reseach page which can be seen on my FB page if you scroll down far enough!
      They did two designs in their sketchbook and chose their best one.
      The prints are 20cm x 8cm. They did a proper colour reduction print which many kids find it hard to get their head round until they do it!

  3. I like the contrast of colours between the ink and the paper. I also like the patterns, some going in different directions.

  4. Nice to see a picture of Holly’s art work on the blog , the prints look very good.

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