Van Gogh Portrait

7N & 7G Looking at Portraits

Above are four portraits by famous artists.  If you hover your mouse over a picture it gives you the name of the artist.  Click on any of the portraits and you will see them larger and in more detail.  You have two tasks to do for homework.  One is to answer the question ‘Which is your favourite portrait and why’  by clicking on the link  ‘Leave a comment’ to the left.  I will make visible the best five comments.  Please use full sentences and no ‘text speak’.

The second is to answer the Polls below.  There is no right or wrong answer to these Polls, they are just designed to make you THINK.


8 thoughts on “7N & 7G Looking at Portraits

  1. My favourite painting is by Van Gogh. I prefer this one to the others because it has lots of detail and looks like a real person (realistic). There are parts of it representing where the light is hitting on the man and you can see some of the brushstrokes. I also like the style of the background, which is different to the rest of the painting. It isn’t as 3D as one of the others, but it has a happier setting because of the use of colours and tones. Straight away, it’s the painting that stands out to me the most.

  2. My favorite portrait is the portrait by Van Gogh. The reason why i like this portrait is because the man looks really realistic and the different tones and highlights on the face indicate where the light is shining. The composition of the brush strokes on the background contrast with the mans face, this makes the man look well rounded and bold. I think Van Gogh has created a fantastic portrait and the intensity of all the hues mix well together.

  3. My favourite portrait is that by Picasso because it is abstract and yet can still be classed as a portrait. It uses bold and contrasting colours, this is what intrigues me about the painting. It is almost as if he has drawn two completely different faces, and then cut out sections to create a sense of originality. This is a very creative use of colours and shapes. Another look at the portrait and one can see that half of the ‘face’ is darker than the other, using purples and blacks in contrast to yellows. This could be described as night and day or different moods; happy and sad. There are many ways this portrait could be interpreted.

  4. My favourite portrait is the Picasso portrait” because of how different it is to all of the others. All of the other ones were quite realistic whereas this one is not. Another thing I liked about this portrait is the use of colour. The face and background are all different colours which makes the painting interesting. The brush strokes in this painting are thick in some places and thin in others. My favourite thing about this picture though is how unique it is. It looks like a bunch of scrap paper was stuck together to create this. The ” Picasso Portrait” painting is defiantly my favourite.

  5. My favourite out of the four paintings, is the one by Van Gough. It is very detailed and realistic with the shading which makes it look 3D like a real person whilst having an exciting, colourful background. Also, he had made all of the painting look real because he used small brushstrokes and lots of different shades of each colour to make it all (skin, hair) look as realistic as possible.
    I would say that it is a standard face, but the ears are not in exactly line with the eyes as they are on a standard face. Another reason why this portrait is my favourite, is because you can see all of the little details such as the wrinkles just above his eyebrows and the way you can see the hair as being seperate pieces and not just a block colour as a child would paint it.
    On the painting, you can see shading at the top on one side of the head so you can see where the light is coming from and it makes the man’s head look even more 3D.
    Lastly, the background is good because it looks brilliant with the wavy pattern and the blue colour contrasts with the colour of the mans blazer which looks effective.

    – Olivia 7G

  6. My favourite painting is the one by Picasso. This is because I like how all the different colours contrasts and how even though the picture is abstract it looks like the picture is a “normal” and when you look at it you don’t think “that it a weird picture and it doesn’t look like a face!” because all the pieces fit perfectly! Also the brush strokes on this picture look like a pen or a computer has painted it because the tone of the picture is amazing. I love this painting the most because the picture is elaborate, colourful, different and painted neatly. This why I think this painting is amazing!
    By Elsbeth 7G

  7. My favourite portrait is the one by Van Gogh because he adds lots of detail to make the picture seem realistic and he uses colour as well. He used lots of different tones and shades in his portrait. Even though I think the portrait by Freud is the most realistic he doesn’t add a lot of colour which I like. Also I like how he was drawn the face at an angle and added lots of shade and depth at one side. This makes the face pop out more and seem like it is alive on the page.

  8. I am interested in all the paintings but the one that I prefer is Picasso’s painting because it stands out and is different to all the rest and he has an interesting style of painting. His painting to me looks a bit like a collage of magazine cuttings. The artist has used shading and tones on the portrait and a mixture of bright and darker colours but still contrasting colours whereas the others were either dark colours or quite bright colours.
    He also uses different shapes and lines on the portrait whether that is on the person or in the background. Also, because it’s all jumbled up you can see the different elements of the drawing quite clearly. I think it includes a lot of detail but some of the features are more cartoon like, for example: the eyes and ears. I think this because the eyelashes are evenly spread out and this is not the case with realistic eyes and the ears are just the basic outline shape and has not gone into much detail, but these are just different styles.
    In this portrait there are not many brush lines that you can see and they are all very smooth and heading in one direction except for in a few areas, for example underneath the left eye where there is some white brush marks over yellow and this makes areas of the portrait stand out more. I think that this picture reminds me of a jigsaw puzzle because of the way it is arranged. Overall I really like this portrait.

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