7C Jasper Johns

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7C  Jasper Johns Paintings

Here are all the paintings produced by 7C based on Jasper Johns’ famous piece called ‘0-9’. We made our own ‘0-9’ designs by using the numbers from our birthdays to personalise the paintings!

I have some questions for you 7C, which you need to think carefully about. I would like you to make some notes in the back of your sketchpad.

  • Choose two words from the list below that describe which qualities you needed when you did these paintings. If you’re not sure, go back to look at the paintings to remind yourself what it felt like.
    • Patience
    • Friendliness
    • Honesty
    • Determination
    • Curiosity
    • Enthusiasm
    • Risk Taking
    • Imagination
  • Of this list, which quality do you think was the most important to be successful?
  • Choose two skills from the list below that we used during the painting project and explain why they were important to be successful.
    • Shading
    • Tracing
    • Outlining
    • Mixing
    • Painting
    • Drawing
  • Can you sequence the list of skills above to show the stages that we went through to produce the paintings?

One thought on “7C Jasper Johns

  1. I’m so happy about how my work turned out!! My friends painting were fab!! WELL DONE!!!

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