Bored! Bored! Bored! Try Our Summer Holiday Drawing Challenge!

Jane Hissey is a British illustrator best known for her series of children’s books ‘Old Bear and Friends’. You may even have one of these books at home from when you were younger. She works in coloured pencil crayon which enables her to accurately record the detail and texture in the toys that she draws. Your challenge is to create a still life with your soft toys, like the examples below, and to draw what you see. You can click on the images below to see them larger. After trying coloured pencils why not try different media? eg pencil, charcoal, paint – whatever you have at home.  Mrs Crowther.


2 thoughts on “Bored! Bored! Bored! Try Our Summer Holiday Drawing Challenge!

  1. (I’m officially an old girl commenting here but I thought I would anyway!)

    I definitely think illustration work is worthy of its own section. This is a great blog featuring lots of great work from children’s books – I think it’s particularly relevant given the sad loss of Sendak recently that we keep looking at work in this area.

    I particularly love Judith Kerr, Martin Stephen Moskof and Jean de Brunhoff, but that’s really only a sample!

    1. Thanks for your comment Hannah. I think having an illustration section is a great idea. My degree and M.A. are in illustration so it is an area of art that is close to my heart!

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