Year 9 Crosscurricular Project

I really enjoyed the three days of cross-curricular in my group, consisting of Biology, Art and ICT. First of all we were ‘briefed’ in the Biology labs, and were told that the main focus of our project was cells. This proved to be a really interesting topic, especially when interpreted through Art and ICT. We spent a few periods of Day 1 looking through microscopes at organisms of our choosing (ranging from cockroach mouthparts to ovaries!) and briefly sketched our favourite parts. These were then used as a reference when creating our artistic piece which we started at the end of Day 1. Our task in Art was to create a painting inspired by our cells and influenced by Klari Reis, an artist who uses many bright colours and bold lines to depict natural forms. After sketching our designs, they were blown up to a larger size (to make easier painting) and after choosing our colours of acrylic we began to paint. This proved to be a lot harder than expected, but we gained some valuable tips for painting with acrylic, and we were all very happy with our end products. Then came ICT, in which we were given the task of animating our cells and producing a power point to be shown at the cross-curricular presentation. This was lots of fun and although we were a little pressed for time, we managed to create some impressive animations and organised our presentations efficiently. Overall, our off-timetable project was great, and I would recommend it to anyone. By Alex Year 9

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One thought on “Year 9 Crosscurricular Project

  1. As an old retired Clinical Laboratory Scientist, I must admit that your paintings were more beautiful than most things I saw under the microscope. I am a personal friend of Klari (well actually, her parents) and it looks like you got some good info from her paintings. Thanks for sharing.

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