Alas, poor Yorick!

What better picture to practice posting with than the Hamlet Scenery from last year’s production.  Miss Fazackerleys great design, combined with the skill of the sixth form, created a wonderful back drop for the talented girls and boys who performed.      Mrs Crowther.

6 thoughts on “Alas, poor Yorick!

  1. I really like the 3D effect…it looks great…especially on the skulls…i think the black background makes the white skulls stand out well.

  2. This looks really good and real, i like how each skull is different and the detail in it

  3. This is an amazing piece of art, it is my favourite. All the different skulls are very effective

  4. I love how the colours are so simple yet really effective. The skulls have been painted very well especially the one in the top right!

  5. I think this painting is amazing, the 3D effect is really good and even though the colours are a simple, black and white, they really work to produce a great painting!!!

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